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The key to success is seeing obstacles as opportunities. 

Low productivity is a recurring issue for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Keeping employees motivated to give their best is a challenge even for the best leaders; however, it’s not always up to leaders to inspire their teams, and even if it was, it’s not always possible. Unbeknownst to supervisors, managers, directors, and other leaders, employees may be dealing with their own deficiencies which can prevent them from raising the bar themselves. They may feel they don’t have the skills, talent, or abilities to succeed, or they may be experiencing the lingering self-doubt that comes with failure. It’s called the “underdog mentality,” and it’s held many back from reaching their true potential. 

The difference between the victims and the victors in life, between the underdogs and alpha dogs, is not a lack of adversity but rather how they approach adversity. No one knows this better than JJ Birden.

An undersized wide receiver with unimpressive college stats and an early career plagued by injuries, missteps, and lack of opportunity, JJ defied staggering odds just by reaching the NFL—and overcame even more by playing almost a decade as a small man in a big man’s game. To put JJ’s career and success into perspective, he was about 42% smaller than the average NFL player; he had to reach the top of the game despite being at a disadvantage. This is the key to JJ’s message, and it’s why he resonates so well with audiences that feel they don’t have the time, the training, the education, or the resources to succeed.

In this inspiring keynote presentation, JJ shares the winning principles and strategies that helped him achieve success in spite of unbelievable adversity, heartbreaking failure, and herculean obstacles. Audiences learn that no matter what they are dealing with if they want to win badly enough, they too can succeed in spite of everything (and everyone) against them.

In Spite Of… is an empowering message that helps audiences develop the habit of conquering the “setback” moments in their lives and seeing them for what they truly are: opportunities for growth.

Key Takeaways from In Spite Of…by breaking down the acronym F.A.S.C.O. (Failures, Adversities, Setbacks, Challenges, Obstacles) you will learn:  

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