The Pack Really Is Back!

The Pack Really Is Back!

I guess the Pack really is Back! Congratulations to the Greenbay Packers for winning Super Bowl 45. I guess I did not pick that one right huh?. Well its "why they play the game"! This year's Greenbay Packers are a powerful story for many to respect. They experienced many challenges where they could have easily gave up. Even in the Super Bowl they had a few key players go down and out. Instead of using it as an excuse it was clear motivation to finish strong. Even the big bully Steelers could not wear them down. A good lesson for all. A "never say die" attitude or never never quit mindset can take you a long ways. Trust me on that one. At 5"10 159 pounds I was told over and over I was too small to play with the big boys. But you know, you can measure ones statistics or outside appearance but can't measure what's on the inside. If you have a heart of a lion and truly believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. However, you must have strong desire and passion to want it bad enough..No Matter What! So another week here we go. I am in Portland this week doing a little business. Much Success to you. Stay Positive JJ

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  1. Suitcase Sets:
    Apr 09, 2011 at 02:10 AM

    Great topic for a post.

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