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People from all walks of life miss out on opportunities; something vital to them, and if they achieved it, it would immediately impact! Sometimes they don't see the opportunity for what it is; other times, they allow unexpected challenges to knock them off course. With a championship mindset and an underdog work ethic, I repeatedly conquered those moments. Your audience will leave my presentations with the tools and action steps to power through those challenges so they're creating and maximizing opportunities. When you transform people, they transform a company!

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I just had the wonderful opportunity to hear JJ's message at our company's recent National Sales Meeting. And wow, what an outstanding message it was! In fact, it was the most inspiring story I've heard during my 38 years here. His presentation captivated everyone, and he has an amazing way of connecting, and it's like he's talking to everyone, one on one. JJ's message and tactics for success are simple and rooted in powerful concepts; his message will give you all the inspiration necessary to succeed personally and professionally.

I would recommend any sales organization to bring JJ into your next meeting if you are looking for a lift. A week later, I still have Hershey's associates talking about his motivational speech!!!


Dave Onorato
Vice President & General Manager
Hershey Small Format Sales Division

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JJ is available to speak to your group. Learn more about JJ’s engaging keynote presentations and how he helps businesses and organizations unlock their greatest assets—their people.

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JJ Birden: From Underdog to Alpha Dog


The average NFL career is less than two years. The average NFL player is 6’2, 245 pounds. JJ Birden played nine seasons at 5’10, 157 pounds. Talk about beating the odds.

In spite of everything stacked against him and everyone who thought otherwise, JJ Birden, the undersized wide receiver with unimpressive college stats, became one of just 20,000 men to ever play a game in the NFL’s 100-year history. His unexpected and unlikely rise to the top of the football world is a testament to his winning principles and strategies, which he now shares to help professionals in other fields achieve similar levels of success.

JJ’s engaging keynote presentations tell the story behind his success on the field, and explain how the mental skills and strategies that propelled him to the top of his game can help others succeed in business and in life—no matter how unlikely or unexpected success may seem. He skillfully explains how the lessons in his life apply to all arenas of life and demonstrates how achievable success really is for those who are hungry to win. JJ provides actionable insights that empower leaders to solve some of the biggest organizational problems, including:

  • Low team morale
  • High employee turnover
  • Work environment and company culture
  • Lack of strategic planning
  • Poor strategy execution
  • Decreasing or stagnant productivity
  • Shrinking margins and increasing competition

Inspire your team, elevate their performance, and motivate the workers of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Book JJ Birden and unlock the full potential of human performance within your organization.

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