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Less than 6% of all high school seniors go on to play NCAA men's football. In 2017, only 1.5% of all collegiate football players were drafted to an NFL team. The odds of playing at the highest level are even more astronomical when you're undersized and play one of the sport's most physical positions.

Good thing JJ Birden has never cared to know the odds of success.

He was never the strongest guy on the field—and at 5’10, he certainly wasn’t the biggest—but JJ knew how to seize his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and maximize his success through dedication, perseverance, and hard work.

An NFL career spanning almost a decade helped shape the message that JJ Birden now delivers to audiences around the world. After seeing the successes and failures of others at the highest level, he developed a set of principles that others could follow to achieve greatness in sports, at school, at work, and most importantly, in life.

As an authority on human performance and mental coaching, JJ inspires and empowers audiences to seize the opportunities in their lives to achieve the greatness they are capable of. He has traveled the world delivering his dynamic and engaging keynote presentations to a wide spectrum of diverse audiences with different roles and job titles. The one thing that all of his audiences have in common? They want to achieve their brightest and most successful futures.

If you want to unlock your organization’s true potential and performance, JJ Birden has a message your team needs to hear. Some of the key themes and takeaways from his keynote presentations include:

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10 Reasons to Book JJ Birden

#1: JJ Speaks from Experience

Through compelling stories and examples from his wealth of life experiences both on and off the field as a former NFL Pro, husband, father, and successful businessman, JJ demonstrates how anyone can apply his principles of leadership and performance to achieve their own success.

#2: JJ Resonates with his Audience

After years of professional speaking, JJ knows how to deliver an exciting and inspiring message that resonates with dreamers, seekers, strivers, high-achievers, leaders, and followers; in other words, he resonates with anyone who has a goal in life and is ready to achieve it.

#3: JJ Empowers the Underdog

The underdog is anyone who feels like they don’t have the skills, talents, abilities, or resources to be great. If someone has the desire to be the best and achieve what’s most important in spite of setbacks, obstacles, and challenges, JJ can show them what it takes.

#4: JJ Unlocks the Power of Positive Thinking

JJ knows the mental gymnastics that occur in the mind of an NFL Pro and how to apply them in other arenas of life. As a mental coach and motivational speaker, JJ helps audiences realize that the power to change their lives start with mastering their mindset, specifically replacing fear, self-doubt, and disbelief with positive thinking.

#5: JJ Inspires MORE

It’s never too late to be great--it just requires saying YES to opportunities and putting in the work to improve each day. JJ’s message of beating the odds and overcoming adversity inspires his audience to seize the opportunities in their lives to achieve more, do more, and be more.

#6: JJ Specializes in Overcoming F.A.S.C.O.

In business, as in life, the path to the top is riddled with failure, adversity, setbacks, challenges, and obstacles (F.A.S.C.O.). JJ’s presentations help audiences develop the habit of conquering those “setback” moments and seeing them for what they truly are: opportunities for growth, and for greatness.

#7: JJ Develops Teams and Leaders

As a former NFL Pro, JJ knows the importance of teamwork better than anyone. He helps develop strong teams full of individual contributors who understand the importance of their roles, and shows business leaders how to set the pace and set the bar so team members never question their confidence, discernment, resiliency, or decision-making.

#8: JJ Provides Actionable Takeaways and Strategies

In sports, “player-coaches” are the ones who speak from experience and are able to share tips and insights that only come after theories are put into practice on the field. JJ Birden is a player-coach for the moments in life that matter most--when opportunities knock.

#9: JJ Delivers a Dynamic, Engaging Keynote Presentation

JJ’s dynamic, passionate, high-energy presentations captivate audiences, hold their attention, and inspire them to put his winning principles to action ASAP.

#10: JJ Tailors His Message to Your Needs

No matter what problems your business or organization is facing, JJ has a keynote presentation for you. Each presentation is tailored to the audience he’s speaking to, which means your group will walk away with tools, strategies, and principles that will help them excel in their specific roles in spite of any setbacks or obstacles in the way of success.

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