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Every day, people are unknowingly faced with decisions and choices that help set the course for their future. The problem is that most people don't have a good enough vantage point to see these moments for what they are; or if they do, they don't know how to seize such opportunities and make them work for the futures they've envisioned for themselves.

The key to a successful life is seizing the opportunities in front of you — no matter the odds, and no matter how much hard work it requires. Achieving greatness isn't easy, but if you're ready to win, if you're hungry to turn no into yes and dreams into reality, motivational speaker JJ Birden has a message for you.

JJ has made it his life's work as an inspirational speaker to empower people with the principles of leadership and high performance to achieve their brightest and most successful futures.

Who is the professional athlete motivational speaker JJ Birden? And why does your audience need to hear his message?

JJ Birden is a Former NFL Pro

Less than six percent of all high school seniors go on to play NCAA men's football. In 2017, only 1.5 percent of all collegiate football players were drafted to an NFL team. The odds of playing at the highest level are even more astronomical when you're undersized and play one of the sport's most physical positions.

Good thing JJ Birden has never cared to know the odds of success.

A 5'10" wide receiver, JJ was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 1988 NFL Draft and played nine seasons. He certainly wasn't the biggest, strongest, or fastest guy on the field, but he knew how to seize his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and maximize his success through dedication and hard work. In his presentations, JJ shares lessons from his experience as a small man in a big man's game.

JJ's time in the NFL helped shape the message as a keynote speaker that he now delivers to audiences around the world. After seeing the successes and failures of others at the highest level, he developed a set of principles that others could follow to achieve greatness, no matter how they defined it or what they did.

The NFL also taught JJ the importance of speaking freely and from experience. They're many athlete motivational speakers but JJ brings a little something extra to the table. 

In sports, there are theory coaches and player coaches. Theory coaches can talk about the game and what it takes to succeed, but only player coaches know what it's actually like to play at the highest level. Player coaches speak from experience and are able to share tips and insights that only come after principles are put into action on the field. In other words, player coaches know what actually works when the game is on the line. JJ Birden is a player coach for the moments in life that matter most— when opportunities knock.

In all aspects of life, not just sports, there are amateurs and professionals. As a motivational speaker, JJ brings a powerful message that can help anyone in the audience think, work, and live like a pro.

JJ Birden is a Successful Businessman

JJ's winning philosophy also helped him succeed in an arena with equally staggering odds: the business world. He's been an entrepreneur and a business partner, as well as the guy at the bottom of the organizational totem pole who had to work his way up. And when you hear him say that the only difference between sports and the business world is the physicality of the game, that the same mindset he had in the NFL helped him achieve success in the business world, that the same mindset can help you perform at the highest levels in your personal and professional life, you can believe he's speaking from experience.

Whether it's a promotion at work, a big sale, or a new business idea, JJ teaches his audience how to maximize and seize the opportunities in their lives to achieve more, do more, and be more.

JJ Birden is a Dynamic Keynote Speaker

JJ is not one to put your audiences to sleep. His dynamic and lively approach to presenting will captivate your audiences and inspire them to put his winning principles to action. JJ was once told by a professional speaker, "If your presentation doesn't have fire, then put it in the fire!" That's why, from the moment he begins to talk, his goal is to lock you in, hold your attention, and motivate you to seize your dreams.

After years of professional speaking engagements, JJ knows how to deliver his message in a way that will resonate with anyone in the audience, regardless of their background or job title. As a professional athlete speaker, he's spoken in front of all types of audiences, from K-12 students to adults in the athletic and business world. Each presentation is tailored to the audience in attendance, which means your group will walk away with tools, strategies, and principles that will help them excel in their roles and achieve greatness at work, at school, in sports, and most importantly, in life.

It doesn't matter who's in the audience, if someone has the desire to be the best and achieve what's most important for their future, JJ's message will empower them to win. He reminds his audience that it's never too late to be great — it just requires saying yes to opportunities and putting in the work to improve each day.

Are you ready to win? Are you ready to be great? Are you ready to say yes to success? Then hire motivational speaker JJ Birden!

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