You Want 2021 to Be Better Than 2020? Then Try More Better Different!

If you want 2021 to be your comeback year. A year filled with victories rather than defeats. Then you need to adopt the M.B.D. strategy! Read more »

The Massimo Show With JJ Birden - Competing in the Game of Life

Be sure to check out JJ Birden's interview on The Massimo Show with Rod Santomassimo. Author of the 1# Best-Selling Sales Book, "Knowing Isn't Doing, Build The Business and Life You Desire." Read more »

Your WHY Needs To Be Crystal Clear!

If something is important to you, then knowing your WHY for doing it needs to be crystal clear. This will help you get through those challenging moments. You know, the times you don't feel like doing it. Read more »


I received a direct message this weekend after my Friday NFL Draft post where I shared the disappointment of tearing my ACL ligament several days after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 1988 NFL Draft. The question was, what was the emotion you felt after the timing of the devastating injury?" Read more »

The Underdog Has The Power to Win If...

No matter who you are or what you have accomplished, we have all felt like an underdog at some point in our lives. We may have had a moment in a situation where we thought we were not favored to win or to be selected, or we were at a disadvantage. On top of that, others around us also did not believe in our abilities or chances. Read more »

NFL Draft, This is the Part I'll Never Forget!

You are looking at one of the reasons I'm very passionate about sharing content on how to overcome F.A.S.C.O. (failures, adversities, setbacks, challenges, and obstacles). The 2020 NFL Draft is here, and I can't help but reflect on one of the big ones I faced. Read more »

How to Stay On a Productive Routine!

What does losing my shoe during an NFL game have anything to do with staying on a productive routine? Many of the lessons I learned from my NFL days caught me by surprise. No matter how they presented themselves; I valued them all. Today, one lesson is timely. That is, how the game taught me how to deal with the unpredictable and how to adapt to change. No matter how many hours we prepared for an opponent, it was rare for a play to go exactly the way we planned. Read more »

Why Set Goals?

Why do you feel that way about setting goals??? I saw a few negative comments recently on social media about setting goals. Some seem to be annoyed with the subject of goals, while others didn't see the benefits of setting them. Read more »

Identify Your Weaknesses - Step 1 of 3

"So what was your weakness early on in your NFL career?" This was the direct message I received yesterday after my LinkedIn article, "Make Your Weaknesses Your Strengths." If you know football, the picture might give it away. Deion Sanders is playing in what we call "man to man" technique Read more »

Make Your Weaknesses Your Strengths!

Make your weaknesses your strengths! I've recommended this to some as they are writing down their goals for the next year. Now there's nothing wrong with that. I'm all about goal setting. However, let me give you something else to focus on this time around. How about taking a weakness you have in 2019 and turning it into a strength for 2020. Read more »

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