• Seize Your Opportunities

    "Seize Your Opportunities" focuses on the individual and what one must do for success.

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  • There BETTER Be An “I” In Team

    Before you can lead others, you must have the ability to lead yourself.

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  • In Spite Of...

    The key to success is seeing obstacles as opportunities.

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  • Every Day Is Game Day!

    To get the future you want, you must bring your best EVERY day!

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As a former NFL Pro, JJ Birden reached the highest levels of performance and competition. Now a leading opportunity coach and motivational keynote speaker, JJ shows how anyone can come out on top using the same principles and strategies that propelled him to the NFL. Best of all, JJ can tailor his message to deliver a presentation that will engage, excite, and empower your specific group to overcome the unique challenges your business or organization is facing. 

JJ is available to speak to your group. Learn more about his tailored keynote presentations or book your engagement now!

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