Success will not be given to you; you must go get it!

Businesses have always aimed to get more out of their people. Still, providing resources, instruction, and encouragement that motivate employees to show up and give their best is becoming increasingly complex. To succeed in today’s extremely competitive business world, organizations need genuinely motivated employees to give their best, improve each day, and do whatever it takes to win. Unfortunately, not everyone has this capacity; JJ Birden does, and he can help anyone develop it, too.

"Seize Your Opportunities" focuses on the individual and what he or she must do to succeed as part of a larger group—no matter the odds or how much hard work it requires.

As a former NFL wide receiver, JJ knows what it takes to reach the highest level of performance and can maintain it. Many of the success principles he learned as a professional athlete have helped him thrive in the business world as an entrepreneur and professional speaker. In this presentation, JJ shares his winning principles and strategies and teaches audiences how to maximize and seize the opportunities in their lives.

Success will not be given to you. You have to achieve it, and once you have it, you can't stay at that same level. You have to continue to work to fight mediocrity and complacency. JJ will show you how.

Attendees will walk away:

  1. Discovering, clarifying, and standing by your purpose.
  2. The role of discipline and self-drive in achieving success.
  3. Overcoming challenges to reach your breakthrough.
  4. Cultivating a winning mindset and unwavering determination.
  5. The dangers of complacency in halting progress.
  6. Sustaining momentum through ongoing personal growth.
  7. Lessons from playing alongside a legendary athlete like Joe Montana.


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