Isagenix Products e+ Energy Shot | JJ Birden

Isagenix Products e+ Energy Shot | JJ Birden

The all natural energy shot e+, is a flavorful energy supercharge with a clinically supported blend of botanicals formulated to help you feel rejuvenated, energized and mentally vigilant. e+ is implanted with a multitude of healthy ingredients to fire up your physical performance without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

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Hey, what's up everyone! This is JJ Birden, former NFL wide receiver, now top associate with Isagenix. I love the Isagenix product line but here's one of my favorites. You got to get one of these, and that's e+ energy shot, an all-natural boost of energy.  I love taking this product before a workout. Once I get that shot, I am good. All you need to do is just pop it open and enjoy the shot!


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