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Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard. – Colin Powell

Why Network Marketing

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After playing in the NFL for nine years, JJ Birden learned that discipline, dedication and zeal were mandatory to compete at the highest level.

After the NFL I still needed a job. But what?

People have to understand not all professional athletes are financially set for life. The majority of us must have a Plan B. So during my career I was always planning for "life after football."

After spending some time in Corporate America, and feeling overworked and underpaid, I switched to a profession that gave me more time, freedom and earning potential. Not to mention, I could not be successful unless I helped others achieve their goals.

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Opportunities are Everywhere.

Don't let another one pass you by because you just didn't see it. I've put together 8 principles to help you seize your opportunities and then maximize them.

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JJ's special story of overcoming odds and being prepared to make the most of life's opportunities as they present themselves is both uplifting and profoundly meaningful to all who strive for success in both their personal and professional lives.

- Al Saunders
Former Wide Receivers Coach
Kansas City Chiefs


Track Star

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, JJ attended the University of Oregon where he was a two sport star for the Ducks in Football & Track and Field. He was the first proto-type track star to successfully "walk on" for the Ducks.


College sweethearts, now married 25 years, Raina and JJ enjoy raising 8 children (3 biological and 5 nieces/nephews). Yes, that’s a story you must hear.

Family Photo

Network Marketing?

Since 2007, JJ and his wife Raina have been pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams together as professional network marketers. As top executives with their company Team X 88 International, they have worked with over 40,000 people globally. As they have now partnered with one of the top health and wellness companies in the world Isagenix, their mission is to "help people feel better and set themselves financially free." read more...



Playing in the NFL was not part of JJ's dreams. He rested his hopes on making the 1988 Olympic Track & Field team. However, after an unfortunate knee injury in the Cleveland Browns rookie camp, his attention moved towards the NFL. He went on to have 9 successful years in the NFL playing for such teams as the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons. When asked what was a highlight of his career, JJ responds, "Catching passes from one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game, Joe Montana." Read more...

It took a lot more than size to make it in the NFL.

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I like to mix up my videos with a variety of content ranging from Motivational, Sports, Health & Wellness, Business and Family.

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Whether the audience is focused on sales, motivation, kids, health, or just about anything, JJ is serious about guiding people and organizations to seize their full potential. His message incorporates the perfect balance of a refreshing presentation mixed with real life experiences. He motivates and moves listeners to action by offering sensible ways to perform at the highest level.

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JJ is one of the best speakers at connecting with an audience. If you are looking for someone to engage, excite and encourage your team, staff or organization to achieve more, JJ is your speaker.

Dr. Will Moreland, America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer, Top Thought Leader in 2014

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