Catching up with JJ

We All Have a Story! Part 4

It looks like we are up to the final segment of my story by Viktre Social. Their finishing with a strong one title, My Main Motivation! Read more »

We All Have a Story! Part 3

Moving into part 3 of my story by Viktre Social. How many times have you been told by a mentor or coach the importance of practice? They emphasize not practice just to be practicing but to do it with a purpose. Read more »

We All Have a Story! Part 2

In part 2 of my story, you might be surprised by some of the early setbacks I was faced with on my road to the NFL. While some may see setbacks as roadblocks, I've always viewed them as "bumps in the road." Read more »

We All Have a Story!

We all have our story, and every one of those stories is riddled with lessons. Viktre is a social media site highlighting professional athletes. Currently, they are in the process of sharing some of the athlete's journeys they traveled to reach their goals. Read more »

Bumps In the Road vs. Roadblocks

Obstacles are opportunities to prove how bad you want it! I posted the above statement on my social media pages last week and received some interesting responses. Some understood it, but there were a few who were a bit confused. Not quite sure of the confusion but anyone who is seriously committed to achieving a goal, the point should be loud and clear. Read more »

The 5 P's for Success!

I heard this one at the end of the Rio Olympics as Michelle Carter won the Gold Medal in the shot put. When asked about her success, she responded, "my Dad Michael Carter is my coach, and he always reminds me of the 5 P's for Success." Read more »

JJ BIRDEN ON THE OREGON HUDDLECAST Discusses the firing of Oregon Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich

This week former Oregon Ducks and NFL pro's JJ Birden and Rod Green produce one of their rare "wildcard" shows on the Oregon Huddlecast. Hot topic, the firing of Oregon Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich. Read more »


Not quite the ending the Oregon Ducks football team wanted to already their worst season in 12 years. JJ Birden and Rod Green recap the disappointing loss for the Ducks in the Civil War game against Oregon State. Read more »

JJ Birden on the Oregon Huddlecast Previews the Civil War Between Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers

Once a year one of these two Pac-12 schools get the bragging rights for being the best football team in the state of Oregon. JJ Birden and Rod Green team-up to preview the Civil War game between their Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers Read more »


The University of Oregon has had many great wide receivers over the years. When you remember these players, odds are this player will be mention. All-time great Oregon receiver Lew Barnes joins JJ Birden and Rod Green... Read more »

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