11 Reasons JJ Birden Top Network Marketer Selected Isagenix

11 Reasons JJ Birden Top Network Marketer Selected Isagenix

JJ Birden NFL Alumni & Isagenix Associate

I appreciate Isagenix giving me the opportunity to share my story as to why I joined their company. It's important for me to let others know this decision was a process. Not a whim but very well thought out. A process backed by my successful experience with my first company Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  My thought was, if I am going to do this again, there are specific things I am looking for in a company. Read the press release below and find out what there were.

After playing in the NFL for nine years, JJ Birden learned that discipline, dedication and zeal were mandatory to compete at the highest level.

"I've prided myself in performing with honor and surrounding myself with great people who could show me how I could be better and help others do the same," says JJ. Those principles have served JJ well--on the field and off.

When he retired from the NFL in 1997, he says, "I tried what most of us do: find a job, move up in a career and try to find time and financial freedom. I learned very quickly I was not going to find what I was truly looking for in corporate America. Read the entire article

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