JJ Birden's Interview on The Chaos Cast Podcast with Jeff Boss

There are many inspiring podcasts you can listen to daily to shape and train your mind in a way to be the best of the best. I had the privilege recently being interviewed by Jeff Boss. Jeff has a podcast show called The Chaos Cast. Read more »

JJ Birden Launches New Website!

In one of my keynote presentations, I train on the concept of "Create the Plan, Review the Plan and Execute the Plan." A simple formula for success I've used dating back to high school. It's not rocket science, but a fundamental formula to follow no matter what the goal is. When using it, if the plan you implemented is producing the results you desire, you stick with the plan! However, there are times when things don't work out the way we anticipate, and it may be necessary to change it up and call an audible. Read more »

The Orangetheory Fitness Lesson!

Have you worked out at one of the Orangetheory Fitness centers? I did recently and let me tell you it was a wake-up call. The Orangetheory Fitness corporate office recently hired me to speak at their convention in Florida. Read more »

Bumps In the Road vs. Roadblocks

Obstacles are opportunities to prove how bad you want it! I posted the above statement on my social media pages last week and received some interesting responses. Some understood it, but there were a few who were a bit confused. Not quite sure of the confusion but anyone who is seriously committed to achieving a goal, the point should be loud and clear. Read more »


I posted this question on my social media pages recently, and received an overwhelming response from people asking me “what are you talking about?” That's fair because it is an odd question. However, for the few who have played football at some time in their lives, quickly realized it’s a question more than likely a coach would ask. Read more »

JJ Birden on The Whitney Reynolds Show

Listen in as Whitney interviews former NFL football player JJ Birden who is now a bestselling author and keynote motivational speaker. Learn how JJ and his wife Raina had to make a split-second decision which had an immediate impact our their family. Read more »

JJ Birden Shares Coaching Point #44 - The Process

What does learning an NFL playbook have to do with achieving your goals? See my newest coaching point and find out. Read more »

JJ Birden Keynote Motivational Speaker's New Demo Reel

It's been an exciting year of speaking. I've had the privilege of sharing my presentations of Seizing Your Opportunities and How to Lead and Perform at the Highest Level with companies from various industries. Read more »

The 5 P's for Success!

I heard this one at the end of the Rio Olympics as Michelle Carter won the Gold Medal in the shot put. When asked about her success, she responded, "my Dad Michael Carter is my coach, and he always reminds me of the 5 P's for Success." Read more »

Retired NFL players go through Wellness Assessment program at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach

I just experience two days of the NFL Wellness Assessment. It was probably the most extensive physical I’ve had since the NFL Combine back in 1988. Learned a lot about my health in what I’m doing right what adjustments I need to make.... Read more »


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