JJ Birden Coaching Point #14 - CONTROL WHAT U CONTROL

I have enjoyed sharing my 8 Day Free Video Coaching Series. I appreciate the many compliments of those who have shared their favorite or the ones that have inspired them the most. The information is to help you stay on point and achieve your goals. I've continued to add a few more of my Coaching Points on my YouTube channels. The latest one I posted is called Control What U Control. It's a quick reminder… Read more »

JJ Birden's Book Recommendation, Cheating Death - An Extreme Memoir

So between the work I do with Xocai Healthy Chocolate, and taking care of a large family, I do find some time for some extra reading. The book I am reading now is called Cheating Death - An Extreme Memoir  just released on It's written by a friend of mine named Richard Monroe. I have known Richard for about 10 years now and had no ideal he had so many attention-grabbing experiences… Read more »

JJ Birden of Isagenix International Video Bio | NFL | Oregon Ducks

Check out my latest video bio. Here's a quick way to learn more about me.   WATCH JJ'S VIDEO BIO   Much Success, Read more »

Professional Athletes Are Flocking To MLM? | Looking for Retired Pro Athletes | Network Marketing Home Based Business With JJ Birden

As a former NFL Wide Receiver, I know what it's like to experience life after being a professional athlete.  The hopes and dreams of having a successful second career don't materialize for all.  Some of our former teammates names are so strong; a lucrative second career via acting, endorsements, commentating, coaching is inevitable.  Let me introduce you to the world of network marketing (aka multi-level… Read more »

Network Marketing Mastermind 2011 Event in Houston....ROCKS!!!

I just returned from the Network Marketing Mastermind (MLM) event (#MM7) in Houston. All I can say is WOW! During my short four plus years in network marketing, that was some of the best training I have received. Some of the top network marketers from around the world shared some of their best secrets. Leaders such as the Host Art Jonak, followed by Randy Gage, Jordan Adler, Orrin Woodward, Donna Johnson,… Read more »

Oregon Ducks Experiment With JJ Birden and Other Track and Field Athletes

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Kurt Liedtke of FishDuck Oregon Football Analysis. He wanted to interview me about Oregon Track Athletes who went on to become successful football players in college and the NFL.  To my surprise I had no idea I was the first and sort of the "experiment".  Read on and learn more. Nice article Kurt! Read more »

Pro Athletes (Retired Athletes) are Flocking to MLM Isagenix with Former NFL WR JJ Birden

If you are a former Professional athlete, looking to make a transition to life after your profession, I am the guy to help you. After a 9 year NFL career, retired in 1997 I went on to own several businesses. Introduced to a Network Marketing Company  in 2007. Sold my businesses to become a full time distributor in2009 Finish 2010 in Top Ten Money Earners in Xocai Healthy Chocolate Rebuilding… Read more »

Former Oregon Duck and NFL Wide Receiver JJ Birden Answers Questions on NFL Labor Agreement and possible Oregon Recruiting Violations (audio)

Hey Everyone, I believe two of the most popular questions I have been asked lately have to do with the NFL labor agreement and the questions revolving around the Read more »

Former Outstanding Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Finds Incredible Success with his Creative Home Base Business Isagenix International.

Former Outstanding Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Finds Incredible Success with his Creative Home Base Business with Isagenix International. Retired NFL Wide Receiver, JJ Birden, who interestingly also caught touchdown passes from Joe Montana when he was a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, was in the Atlanta area (Buckhead) recently.  ESPN Story on JJ According to Birden, there were many… Read more »

The Power of Rewards!!! JJ Birden

You want to motivate your Team? Offer some kind of rewards or incentive program and see who rises to the top. Check out the link and hear more... Hear about JJ's Rewards Trip div > div > div > Read more »


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