The Power of Rewards!!! JJ Birden

You want to motivate your Team? Offer some kind of rewards or incentive program and see who rises to the top. Check out the link and hear more... Hear about JJ's Rewards Trip div > div > div > Read more »

Free Coaching from Isagenix Associate JJ Birden

I got my 8 Day Video Coaching series rolling now. It's packed with a variety of topics I believe you will find useful The FREE coaching can be accessed at Be sure to hit the WELCOME tab on the left. You will receive 1 video a day for the next 8 days and they are only 3 to 5 minutes long. :-) Topics like: Being Organized, , Success is an Endurance Race, Self -Evaluation,… Read more »

Do You Have a Home Base Business? Work From Home!

Let's talk about the advantages of having a home base business. Oh and lets not forget the tax advantages!!! MY HOME BUSINESS WWW.JJBIRDEN.ISAGENIX.COM Read more »

The Pack Really Is Back!

I guess the Pack really is Back! Congratulations to the Greenbay Packers for winning Super Bowl 45. I guess I did not pick that one right huh?. Well its "why they play the game"! This year's Greenbay Packers are a powerful story for many to respect. They experienced many challenges where they could have easily gave up. Even in the Super Bowl they had a few key players go down and out. Instead of using… Read more »

Super Bowl 45!

Back home after our Caribbean Cruise reward provided by our company.  Good to be back home with family and back into the routine.  Lots of exciting things to share but we will hold off for now so we can throw some love to the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Congratulations on reaching Super Bowl 45.  To reach the pinnacle of one of the most popular sports events worldwide is a privilege. … Read more »


We earned our company's Cruise reward so I will be on vacation for the next week. So there will not be much activity on the blog for a week.  Have a product week and we'll check back in.  Stay Positive  JJ Read more »

What a Game!

Well my Ducks were close but could not get it done.  Hats off to Auburn Tigers.  A job well done.  There's always next year... Read more »

Big Game Tonight, Ducks vs. Tigers

Well the big game is tonight and I am on my way.  Being  I use to play for the Oregon Ducks back in the day, [caption id="attachment_488" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="1987 Oregon Duck Football Season"][/caption] can't help but wonder how it will go. I think the Tigers will jump on the Ducks early being we naturally start out slow.  However, the second half with the crazy fast pace offense,… Read more » Go Follow JJ Birden!

We finally got the new facebook fan page up.  So go check it out at  Be sure to go to the Welcome tab and sign up for the 8 day video coaching series.  I hope you will benefit from the variety of information I'm sharing on the coaching points. Stay Positive JJ Read more »

Former NFL football player and Keynote Motivational Speaker JJ Birden's Website!

I know I know been promising to fully release  Well everything seems to be in place,  just testing out the video clips for the coaching series.  I anticipate next week should be the week.  We'll let you know.  Stay Positive  JJ   Read more »

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