Using Family Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

JJ Birden's podcast on family motivation is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their family life and relationships. As a former NFL player, entrepreneur, and family man, JJ Birden has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share when it comes to building strong family connections and achieving success both on and off the field. Read more »

A Positive Mindset Has Its Advantages

There are so many reasons to have a positive mindset. Read more »

You Still Have To Do The Work

I shared those words with someone when they congratulated me on my new speaker sizzle reel. By the way, if you have not seen it, it's on the home page of my website. I responded that way because my friend said, "Your speaking business is about to blow up. You are going to be getting hired left and right!" Read more »

Motivational Keynote Speaker JJ Birden Releases New Speaker Reel

JJ Birden is a former NFL wide receiver who has made a name for himself as a professional speaker. He has been inspiring audiences across the country for years with his message of perseverance, determination, and leadership. And now, he's taking his message to the next level with the launch of his new speaker sizzle reel. Read more »

Overcoming Obstacles: Strategies for Success

In life, we all face obstacles that can challenge us, test our patience, and make us feel like giving up. Whether it's a personal or professional setback, overcoming obstacles is essential for growth, resilience, and success. Here are some strategies to help you navigate and overcome the obstacles that come your way: Read more »

Discover How to Conquer Setbacks and Achieve Your Goals!

If you have been following my podcast, The Daily M.I.S.T., for the last couple of weeks, I have been dealing with this crazy head cold that turned into a bacterial infection. Read more »

Unlock Your Success with a Mentor - Unveiling the Reasons Why!

Today Daily M.I.S.T. (motivational, inspirational, success tip) is on mentoring. Having a mentor is very vital to success. It's one of the points I always share when people ask me what's an ingredient of success. Read more »

Do You Catch the Opportunities That are Thrown Your Way?

I heard the call from Joe Montana, “X Hook.” We clapped and broke the huddle. I got in my 80-twenty stance— 80% over my front foot and twenty percent on my back foot with arms forward, ready to run the play. Read more »

Motivational Speaker JJ Birden Releases New Speaking Clips

I am excited to get started for the new speaking year. I read an article recently that shared that this will be one of the most significant years for speaking events now that Covid-19 has drastically slowed down. Read more »

JJ Birden Launches New Podcast "The Daily M.I.S.T.

If you are looking for daily motivational, inspirational, and success tips, you can conveniently access; I'd like to introduce you to my new podcast, "The Daily M.I.S.T." Read more »


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