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JJ Birden Former NFL Wide Receiver Shares His 1988 NFL Draft Experience

Playing in the NFL was one of the farthest thoughts from my mind. I believe the first time I heard my name and the NFL mentioned in the same sentence was my final year at Lakeridge high school in Lake Oswego Oregon. Read more »

Top Ten Suggestions For Picking A Great Network Marketing Company

With thousands of possible opportunities in the work from home space, how do you pick and choose the correct company for you? Read more »

Build a strong personal online brand

What makes you unique? What separates you from the millions of other network marketers in the world today who are introducing prospects to their opportunity on a daily basis? Read more »

What's Your System?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask someone when they are sharing their network marketing business with you. They should be able to tell you quickly (1) what it is, (2) how it works, and (3) answer "the big question" of whether it duplicates. Read more »

Isagenix Welcomes Athletes from All Types of Sports | Team Isagenix

Isagenix continues to produce some of the best health and wellness product in the industry. All types of people are consuming their products daily especially athletes. Read more »

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Isagenix | JJ Birden

Yes, there are many network marketing company's out there. The MLM industry is exploding! It's estimated to have produced around 180 billion in annual sales in 2013. Read more »

JJ Birden Back on Overtime Ireland Football Podcast

Recently I was on Overtime Ireland, The NFL Football Podcast with an Irish Twist. I had great time being interview by Colm Kelly. Read more »

Their First Car!

Parent's purchasing their children's first car. Read more »

11 Reasons JJ Birden Top Network Marketer Selected Isagenix

I appreciate Isagenix giving me the opportunity to share my story as to why I joined their company. It's important for me to let others know this decision was a process. Read more »


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