Jon Gordon Adds JJ Birden to The Power of Positive Summit

Jon Gordon, Best-selling author and keynote speaker, has done a wonderful job of developing positive people, leaders, organizations, and teams. His program, The Power of Positive Summit, is having a positive influence on many people worldwide. Jon has 30 + leading experts around the world, share strategies on how to stay positive, overcome challenges and make a great difference. Read more »

JJ Birden America's #1 Opportunity Trainers Interview on Blab with Dr. Will Moreland

I had an excellent time to today with mentor and leadership trainer Dr. Will Moreland. He's hosting 50 Days of Genius with various movers and shakers around the world on Blab. Leaders sharing their secrets to achieving success. Read more »

JJ Birden's Interview With Brandon Williams of Athlete 2 Athlete Podcast

It's good to see what avenues retired professional athletes travel down once their careers are over. Not everyone ends up being a failed statistic. As a matter, many go on to have successful second careers. Read more »

Are You On a Losing Team or a Winning Team?

During my nine-year NFL career, I have seen both sides of this perspective. I know what it’s like to be on a losing team versus a winning team. When I compare my experiences of the 1989 1-15 Dallas Cowboys team versus the 1993 Kansas City Chiefs team where we reached the AFC Championship game, there certainly are some takeaways. When I fast forward to the professions I’m in today; those takeaways have been valuable Read more »

JJ Birden's Interview With Michael 'Winey' Weinstein On It's Business Time KTAR News

Had a good time this week as a guest on the Mike Weinstein's show It's Business Time on KTAR News. It was a nice platform to continue to get my message out there about how to seize opportunities in life. Read more »

Don't Let The Dream Stealers Take Your Dreams!

Recently I was speaking at Lee’s Summit West and North High in Lee's Summit Missouri. When I finished my presentation at West, I was approached by one of their students. He shared with me recently he was focusing on a particular athletic goal. After some close to him had heard of his goal, they express their concern he was going after an unattainable goal and should aim for something else Read more »

NFL Scouting Combine The Most Unique and Pressure-Packed Interview Process

Every year, the NFL invites 335 colleges prospects to Indianapolis to be poked, prodded, measured and questioned to determine if they are worthy of joining the powerful Professional football league. Take it from someone who attended the NFL Combine, it's like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. Read more »

Just Keep Moving Forward!

Last week wasn’t the best week for me. Things just didn’t seem to fall into place. It wasn't due to lack of effort because I usually have good weeks back to back. Why? It’s something I can control to some extent. Read more »

Isagenix Reviews, Here's How and Why Their Products Work for Me!

Recently, someone on our Facebook page questioned whether or not the Isagenix systems work. Instead of going back and forth with the, I posted this video to share my personal product experience. Read more »

Infinite.Clothing's Shinning Star JJ Birden

Excited to be featured on Infinite Clothing's new website as a Shining Star. Even though I am a former professional athlete, I am still very active. When I select apparel or performance wear, I am looking for style, but I also desire to have apparel that feels right during my training sessions. Read more »

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