One Snap and Clear!

One Snap and Clear!

Frank Gantz, the Atlanta Falcons special teams coach, often emphasizes this mantra: 'One snap and clear.' 

He drilled this phrase into us, urging us to focus on the present play and move on from the previous one, whether it was a success or a mistake.

He taught us that once a play ends, we must let it go and concentrate on the next. Dwelling on past mistakes or successes can hinder our performance on the next play. While reviewing plays is essential, doing so at the appropriate time - not while in the huddle. 

So when the ball is snapped to the quarterback, we need complete focus to deliver peak performance on the next play. This concept, which I've never forgotten, is a crucial point I emphasize in my 'Winning As An Underdog' keynote.

Here’s the point: Like in football, where you need to focus on the next play after each snap, in business, you need to focus on the next opportunity, challenge, or goal after each success or setback. Don't get stuck in the past or dwell on what went wrong. Instead, clear your mind, learn from the experience, and move forward with renewed energy and focus.

In business, this means:

▶️ Letting go of past failures and embracing new opportunities
▶️ Quickly adapting to changes in the market or industry
▶️ Focusing on the next quarter's goals, not just celebrating last quarter's successes
▶️ Continuously learning from mistakes and applying those lessons to future projects
▶️ Staying agile and resilient in the face of challenges

By adopting the 'One snap and clear' mindset, business professionals can stay focused, driven, and ready to tackle the next challenge, just like a football player ready for the next play.

I'll explore this topic further this week, but I'd love to hear from you!

How do you stay focused and motivated when faced with either success or failure? What strategies do you use to keep your mind on track and avoid getting distracted by past achievements or setbacks? 

Share your thoughts, and let's learn from each other!





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