2022 GOALS, Let's Run It Back! More Better Different!

2022 GOALS, Let's Run It Back! More Better Different!

During my nine years in the NFL, I went through the same process when a season ended. It did not matter whether it was a good or bad season; the immediate mindset was how I could be better than I was the previous season.

I was in a profession that demanded excellence and improvement from year to year. With a high level of competition, it was imperative to have a growth mindset.  

Yes, another year of lockdowns, shutdowns, and limitations on how we conduct our businesses due to Covid-19. Much of that you can't control, but you can control the approach you take going into a new season or, in this case, a new year.

What always worked for me was analyzing the acronym M.B.D., which stands for More Better Different.  Using these three words, I'd evaluate my performance from the season by asking three simple questions than answering them honestly.


As an NFL Wide Receiver going into next season:

  1. What do I need to do MORE of?
  2. Where do I need to be BETTER?
  3. What do I need to do DIFFERENT?


I challenge all who are reading this; please take the time to do the same for your business.





We don't know what 2022 has in store for us. In spite of, whatever comes our way, you can still put yourself in a position to make sure 2022 is bigger, better, and bolder for you than 2021!




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