NFL Draft, This is the Part I'll Never Forget!

NFL Draft, This is the Part I'll Never Forget!

You are looking at one of the reasons I'm very passionate about sharing content on how to overcome F.A.S.C.O. (failures, adversities, setbacks, challenges, and obstacles). The 2020 NFL Draft is here, and I can't help but reflect on one of the big ones I faced. 
After being drafted by the Cleveland Browns, four days later, I flew out to Cleveland for the 3 day Browns mini-camp. In the third practice, I tore my ACL ligament in my knee. The initial shock that it happened was hard to face. Like a lot of athletes, we tend to have a "Superman complex" until a significant injury brings us back to earth.
I asked Dr. Bergfeld the Browns doctor, would I be able to get my speed back. He responded not only could I get my speed back, but then he added: "If you work hard enough, you could come back even faster." As soon as he said that, I made a decision right there I was going to do just that. This is the main point of this post. Resilience begins with a decision, not excuses, a pity party, or pointing the finger. Here's how I was able to take the setback and turn it into a comeback. 
  1. I got my mind right!
  2. I made a decision!
  3. I committed to the decision
Remember, setbacks are YOUR opportunities for a comeback! You have the power to make the choice and then do something about it.

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