Identify Your Weaknesses - Step 1 of 3

Identify Your Weaknesses - Step 1 of 3

Step 1 of 3 - Identify Your Weaknesses

"So what was your weakness early on in your NFL career?" This was the direct message I received yesterday after my LinkedIn article, "Make Your Weaknesses Your Strengths." If you know football, the picture might give it away. Deion Sanders is playing in what we call "man to man" technique. Also, known as "Press" and "Bump & Run." His job is not to allow me to have a clean release. He wants to disrupt my route so the Quarterback can't throw me the ball. Although I had great speed and quickness, my first NFL training camp was a nightmare; the crafty veterans I went against with the Cleveland Browns knew how to make it difficult for me to get by them. 

 How important was this? Imagine if you were having a meeting with a prospective client, and there was a brick wall between you. Certainly would be a challenge to sell yourself and make it clear to them why they should work with you. Somehow you have to figure out how to get around this wall so you can do your job. That's what Wide Receivers have to deal with throughout a game. If I can't get by the Defensive Back, then I can't do my job. If I can't do my job, there's always someone behind me ready to show the organization they can do it better.

With this thought in mind, have you identified the weakness you want to correct?


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