Are You Making Adjustments?

Are You Making Adjustments?

We are about to close out 2019, so what are you doing to ensure it closes out the way you'd like?

If you've ever participated in athletics, you know that halftime was always the time to make adjustments. However, realistically, adjustments are being made throughout the game, not just halftime. When appropriate, that could be right down to the last second of a game, changing this and changing that.

At the beginning of the year, it's common to set goals for the year and establish your game plan to achieve them. You have a clear cut vision on how this will be your year. C'mon, I'm sure you've said it "this is my year!" With a little more than a month to go, how are you doing? Are you on pace for a fantastic year? Is it going the way you anticipated or did life throw you a few unexpected curveballs, and you haven't been able to get back on track?

Whether you are crushing it or underachieving, you have the control to determine what happens the rest of the year. Not only that, your efforts can create the momentum to make sure in 2020 you come out flying! 

When I was in the NFL, even when I had my best games, I was always looking for ways to improve. Complacency could jeopardize our performance and threaten our chances of staying on an active roster. When it comes to providing for my family, I don't know about you but's that's all the motivation I needed.

 As you close out the year, here are some ways that three crucial H's might be able to assist you.  

Remember this, no matter what you've done the day, month or the first 11 months of the year, every day is a new day to be better than you were the day before. FINISH STRONG!

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