In Spite Of... The Odds

In Spite Of... The Odds

Have you ever felt like the odds were against you? I believe we all have at one time or another. However, sometimes people are too focused on the odds. The odds of accomplishing a goal or a degree of success.  When one focuses so much on the probability they will fail, they've already lost. 

The photo to the right is my senior year at the University of Oregon. I walked on the team a few years prior, and being I was 153 lbs soaking wet, head coach Rich Brooks was hesitant about giving me a chance. However, with thirty minutes of persuasion, I finally wore him down. I waited patiently for two years, and in my third year, I finally got the chance to earn the starting position. 

If you know football, you quickly realize those are not NFL caliber stats. Top wide receivers who go on to play in the NFL usually have around 70 catches and anywhere from 7 to 10 touchdowns their senior years. 

"In Spite Of" my unimpressive college state, I still went on to play nine years in the NFL


  1. A strong WHY was motivating me.
  2.  I Created the plan!
  3.  I Reviewed the plan. That included working with a mentor.
  4. I Executed the plan! When your plan is producing the results you want, then you "stick with the plan" and you don't look back!

When your plan is producing the results you want, then you "STICK" with the plan, and you don't look back!

The point is, you can't allow adversity, fear, and doubt, no excuse in your head, others' opinions, or the "ODDS" to stop you from achieving your goals. By executing those four simple steps, you can control the outcome! 



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