Professional Athletes Can Make Some Of the Best Keynote Motivational Speakers

Professional Athletes Can Make Some Of the Best Keynote Motivational Speakers

Being a former professional athlete who is now a professional speaker, I agree with his article (Why Pro Athletes Make The Best Motivational Speaker). Everything an athlete experiences as an athlete at the highest level, their powerful lessons can be shared as coaching points or action steps to businesses audiences everywhere. 

Content is king, and professional athletes should never run out of material. I have documents full of content, and I'm constantly adding to it as I suddenly recall a lesson from the past. Not saying all types of athletes don't have access to such content. However, if you've played at the highest level, you have more experience to pull from. 

The article also mentions that not all former pros should be behind the microphone, true! Just because their part of the "Less than .1% of high school athletes will play professionally" club doesn't mean they should automatically be part of the speaking club. However, if they put in the same amount of commitment, preparation, hard work and remain coachable in developing their speaking skills as they did as a pro, they can certainly bring something unique and powerful to the stage. READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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