Do You Have a Daily Method of Operation?

Do You Have a Daily Method of Operation?


I recently heard a training...

by another trainer, sharing something she learned from the leadership trainer and author John Maxwell (that was a mouth full!).  As soon as I heard it, I realized it was the missing piece to one of my signature keynote presentations. 

Maxwell shares how important it is you know your "Rule of Five." It’s the five things you need to do every day to be successful. Basically, it’s your Daily Method of Operation (D.M.O.).  When you have a series of activities you do every day, that are fundamental to success, it keeps you on point and performing at a higher level.  What’s the contrast? If you don’t, you get caught up in doing idle things that have no positive effect on your goals. To give you an example. I’m all for living a healthy lifestyle. After a nine-year NFL career, I now have many aches and pains. The accumulative trauma has definitely kicked in. Therefore, I do my best to control what I can control and stay as fit and active as possible. Here’s my D.M.O. to help me live a healthy lifestyle:  

  1. Workout – I try to do some type of workout daily.
  2. Water – Drink 88 oz of water. Studies say half your body weight should be the goal.
  3. Eat –  Eating healthy is a priority most of the time. However, I’ve been known to have a few cheat meals.
  4. Supplement – Eating five healthy meals a day is not realistic for me. So by supplementing with meal replacement protein shakes, proteins bars, etc... I’m where I need to be.
  5. Sleep – Seven to eight hours a night of sleep and I feel great.

Here’s what I would suggest, first what are you focusing on? Now identify the five daily things you need to do or replicate for success. Test it out for the next month. Once the month has completed then “plan, do and review” and see how it went. If any of those activities did not contribute to your success, replace it with something else. However, if you’re getting the results you wanted, then you stick with the plan!

Expand your mind and focus on multiple areas. I have D.M.O.’s for my speaking and nutritional franchise businesses as well being a better husband and father. Obvious I can't focus on each every day all the time (maybe the husband and father). However, if it's an area I'm looking to give more attention to on a particular day, week, month etc... I know what the five activities are I need to focus on. 

Remember, this is not just about business. It's more about attaining the highest level in anything you do! When you win, everyone around you could win as well! Success is contagious!  
Feel free to share with me your D.M.O.!

Stay Positive, 


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