Retired NFL players go through Wellness Assessment program at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach

Retired NFL players go through Wellness Assessment program at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach

I just experience two days of the NFL Wellness Assessment. It was probably the most extensive physical I’ve had since the NFL Combine back in 1988. Learned about my health in what I’m doing right and what adjustments I need to make. The beauty of this program is, it's designed to help us former NFL players monitor and maintain our health. As well as informing us of potential future ailments and surgeries (health prevention).

When you play such a physically demanding game, there are going to be consequences. At some point, the "accumulative trauma" starts to kick in. I've always done my best to live a healthy lifestyle and focus on fitness and nutrition (Isagenix nutrition). However, it never hurts to hear what the experts have to say. Thank you to The Players Trust of the NFLPA and Hoag Hosptial in Newport Beach for making this program available.

Read the full article on the program here. Retired NFL players keep tabs on their health through intensive program at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach



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