The Orangetheory Fitness Lesson!

The Orangetheory Fitness Lesson!

Did not see that one coming!

Have you worked out at one of the Orangetheory Fitness centers? I did recently and let me tell you it was a wake-up call.

The Orangetheory Fitness corporate office hired me to speak at their convention recently in Florida. Therefore, they thought it would be good for me to go through one of their workouts before speaking to a thousand of their trainers. You know, always good to have freeness of speech.

If you're not aware, Orangetheory Fitness has a unique method for training their clients. It's 55 minutes of high-intensity training. While working out in groups you are constantly moving. By the way, they have monitors that are tracking your efforts along the way to make sure you're not dogging it. 
I've become a little too comfortable with my workouts and I'm not pushing myself anymore.
I've worked out for years. Although I'm not at the level of my NFL days, I think I'm in decent shape. Yet, soon as I began the workout with the Orangetheory Fitness trainer, I knew I was in trouble. There was no rest time! It was go go go! Halfway through, I'm thinking to myself, "just get through it and finish."  While I'm muttering these words, I kept peeking at the monitor which clearly was indicating I was not pushing myself and instead, doing just enough to get by. Good grief! When those 55 mins were up,  I had one thought in my mind, "I've become a little too comfortable with my workouts and I'm not pushing myself anymore."  Here's the point, sometimes in life, we do get comfortable. Due to our previous or current success, complacency can creep in. When that happens, high achievers recognize it and do something about it. If not, you could become stagnate and for some, you could be replaced. 

How do you stay on top of this? Consistent self-evaluation is the way to go. 

There are tons of questions we could ask ourselves but here are some to consider.

Reflect on those, see where you need improvement and do something about it. Oh, and if you're into fitness, get a workout at an Orangetheory Fitness center near you and be prepared to get your butt kicked. Yet, you'll know you got better. I'll be going back for round two. 

Stay Positive,




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