How Do You Seize The Right Opportunity?

How Do You Seize The Right Opportunity?

After writing my Amazon best-selling book When Opportunity Knocks 8 Surefire Way To Take Advantage, as expected I’m often asked "how do you seize the right opportunity?

Before providing the answer, I like to respond with the question, do you realize what an opportunity is?  You’d be surprised how many people quickly think of getting involved in a ground floor business opportunity as the correct answer. Although that may qualify; still it can be much more. To be clear, an opportunity can be anything you want. Something you desire to have, achieve or perhaps improve at. I know, it's a vague and simple definition, but I'm trying to help you understand it could be anything that catches your attention. Even though I cover this in detail in my book, here's three simple tips:

Again the point is if you want it and the opportunity to seize it doesn’t create itself, then you have got to figure out a way to construct the pathway yourself to get what you want.

They're my three tips, now put them into action and go "seize your opportunities!


Do you have a story of seizing or creating your opportunities?  Please share below. 



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