JJ Birden's Interview With Brandon Williams of Athlete 2 Athlete Podcast

JJ Birden's Interview With Brandon Williams of Athlete 2 Athlete Podcast

It's interesting to see what avenues retired professional athletes travel down once their careers are over.  Not everyone ends up being a lost cause.  As a matter, many go on to have successful second careers. 

I had the privilege of being interviewed by one of them. Former NFL wide receiver Brandon Williams.  Brandon today is a best-selling author, celebrity speaker, commentator, success coach, and father.  Brandon has done a masterful job of packaging the "Brandon Williams" brand and monetizing it. A point I stress to athletes over and over.  You are the brand so start packaging it right away. Many struggles with this simple tip while others such as Brandon, run with it (see Brandon's website)

The interview with Brand was not the typical questions I usually answer.  His questions were a bit deeper and caused me to invest some thought before answering. Ultimately, it was set up to send a message that success is not going to be given to you, you must go it!  The message fits perfectly with what I'm always aiming to convey as America's #1 Opportunity Trainer. Opportunities are everywhere, but you must be ready for them, and you must be willing to put in the work.  You can listen to the interview here. 

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